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With SBANG Energy Platform, we provide comprehensive services for renewable energy power plants including Biomass, community waste & industrial Waste to Energy power plant, and including RDF Waste Sorting facility.Our SBANG Energy Platform consists of 6 key services: E-P-C-O-F-I.

E - Engineering design :

Engineering design service

 Engineering Design for Biomass and WTE power plants is our first step of power plant building. Every SBANG’s designing processes keep this key principle in mind to make sure that all constructions and investments on power plants of SBANG must provide plant owners the highest performance with optimal cost by our design-expertise engineers focused on clients’ requirement, location, and available local biomasses.

P – Procurement :

Machinery and equipment procurement service

SBANG provides sourcing, comparing and procurement service for machines, equipment,and systems for power plants according to specified designs and standards within timely manner. Because there are so many machine and equipment manufacturers, acquiring design-matched machinery and equipment should be done by SBANG’s experts to choose and also handle delivering process to ensure that we can deliver project to the client as designed within planned schedule.

C – Construction:

Project construction service

 SBANG manages in every construction’s processes from acquring project construction permits and applying for BOI  promotions. Construction process consists of 4 major parts which are Civil Work, Mechanical Work, Electrical Work, and Control & Instrument equipment installation, including plant commissioning and Safety & Environment management as well.

O - Operation & Maintenance Service

In order to operate power plants seamlessly with optimal performance, SBANG provides integrated operational and production management services by expertise and experienced operational teams that are able to rotate in each power plants to maximize and implement their proficiencies into our work.

The machinery and equipment of power plants maintenance services are Preventive Maintenance, Annual Shutdown Maintenance, and Corrective Maintenance. SBANG had established and develop technician team with specialized and consistence proficiency to perform machinery and equipment maintenance for good availability.

F - Fuel Management Service

 SBANG provides biomass preparation and supplying services to biomass power plants from seasonal community agricultural wastes and encouraging the community to grow energy crops. We are also managing on more than ten types of Biomasses for hundred thousand tons in each year to ensure the fuel sufficiency for every plants with reasonable production cost.

O - Operation & Maintenance Service

SBANG is not only the power plant turnkey contractor, we are ready for co-investment with RE power plant project owners in any aspects by taking parts in project development from feasibility study to power plant operation throughout the power purchasing agreement (PPA).

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