What You Needto Know About Power Plant Maintenance

What You Need to Know About Power Plant Maintenance

Powerplants play a very important role in the modern world, from major to minor sectors.With out power, the world may shut down. People have been trying many power generating options to produce energy more effectively, such as waste power plants, nuclearpower plants, etc. In this case, power plant maintenance becomes crucial tokeep the plant safe and continue the regular operation. Here is what you needto know about power plant maintenance.

You Need To Know How PowerPlants Work Before Maintenance

At power plants, raw energy sources of naturally occurring, like coal, nuclearheat, or wind are converted into usable power in the form of electricity.

·        The thermal power plant converts water into stream to generate power with the helpof heated fuel. The steam is, then, sent through the turbine connected to anelectric generator to create electricity.

·        On the other hand, hydroelectric power plants use water energy that is runningthrough turbines to generate electricity.

·        Solar power plants apply solar panels to convert the sun’s energy from sunlight intoelectricity.

·        Wind power plants use wind energy that is turning giant fan blades to generateelectricity.

Complex Systems for Power Plant Maintenance

Powerplant maintenance includes inspection, adjustment, repair, and replacement,with a schedule of a variety of assets, equipment, and electrical machinery. Also, maintenance responsibilities include installation, repair, and preventive maintenance for other pneumatic and electronic equipment applied in the generationof electrical power.

Both fueled steam-generation and nuclear-powered plants require vigilant,well-organized operation with meticulous maintenance management in order tostay online and produce energy safely and efficiently. Actually, power plantmaintenance and operation must be considered every aspect for public safety,the environment and the workers’ health and safety in and around the plant.

The twoprimary systems for power plant maintenance are:

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) - This complex industrial control system uses computersand network data communications in order to monitor plant and machineryconditions. This system is applied in not only power plant maintenance, butseveral industrial processes, like refining, fabrication, and manufacturing industry.

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) - This system can asset management,monitor, and track the health of plant’s assets over time, identify the assetsin maintenance required, and prevent asset downtime. Then, it can share andarchive maintenance schedules and reporting.

CMMS should be integrated with SCADA systems in order to detect alarms, diagnostics,abnormal conditions, fault detection, etc., as well as to create a work orderautomatically and send it to a proper technician for a corrective action.

Effective Planning and Scheduling For Power Plant Maintenance
To be an effective system or operation is not an easy thing. It needs good planning and scheduling.

Planningis not scheduling, planning drives scheduling for a preventive, predictive,proactive maintenance.

Scheduling includes maintenance, operations, contractors, engineering, and safetypersonnel at the right time, right place, and right work to minimizeinterruption to operations and production by using improvement program on astrong foundation, technology, and tools.


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