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Waste To Value

SBANG, established in 2005, is the comprehensive Turn-Key System Integrator for EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) ofthe alternative renewable energy power plants with more than 15 years of experiences in 10+ Biomass power plants and many Quality Awards. With SBANG Energy Platform (or E-P-C-O-F-I), all-inclusive services from expertise for powerplant design construction as well as power plant management services are provided for those small power plantswhich utilize agricultural, industrial, and municipal wastes materialsas the plants’ fuel.

SBANG have implemented standard technologies with modernized, high efficiency, internationally approved, and eco-friendly into our designs and installations of biomass power plants and waste power plant for sustainable electricity supply.

Additionally, SBANG is not only the Biomass and WTE power plants EPC turnkey services provider, we are also providing Plant Operation and Maintenance services, Fuel supply management service, andpower plants project Investments which focused on high efficiency,full capacity, high availability, high reliability, and eco-friendly production system.

Recently, we have 3 SBANG’s owned & operated power plants with more under construction and developing projects.

Building community Power Plants with SBANG

 Every year, we have so much agricultural wastes in Thailand.Would it be better if we can turn those biomass resources into energy as the community’s alternative revenue? Please take a look at your community, if you have palm bunches, plant roots, corncobs, bamboo scraps, rice straws, sugar cane leaves or any unhandled wastes or interest in growing energy crops; we can change and give values to these biomass resources which will eventually lead to the increasingof community's stability, contributing to farmer's income while strengthening the community's energy security at the same time forthe near future.

SBANG’s WTE Power Plants

Recently, wastes problem is the global issue which Thailand is well aware and concerned of Wastes are considered asone of the global Renewable Resources which are generated in daily basis from local and industrial sectors. If we can managethese materials properly, we will be able to exploit them in order to improve Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation as well assecure the world’s energy availability.


First Runner-up Business Enterprise for "Energy Saving Product "(Energy Generating Station -MSW)

In 2016, SBANG had won 2nd place for Energy Saving Product from Thailand Green Design Award by designing the power station using MSW or community wastes. The model won is of 1 MW local waste RDF power plant with the concept of small local WTE power plant extracting organic - inorganic compounds and eventually the energy part is used as plant’s fuel (which called RDF - Refuse Derived Fuel). This concept is one of the sustainable waste-handling approaches which provides better combustion efficiency than common waste incineration and gives long-term solution for local wastes issue that generates electricity without building large-scale power plants or using conventional energy resources (fossil fuel).

SBANG aims to take a part in handling and solving waste management issue for Thailand

With more than 15 years of experiences
SBANG focuses on the expansion of investment; providing Renewable Energy services including Biomass power plant, Waste to Energy power plant, Waste Sorting Facility,and also Renewable Energy-related businesses in both domestic and international sectors. We believe that Renewable Energy gives us the solution of global sustainable energy.

SBANG Executives

Saithsiri Saksitthisereekul

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Mingkwan Sungkamanee

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Teeraphat Petporee

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Taranun Tuadaw

CCO (Chief Culture Officer)

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